Villa de Paradis

A Paradise Villa in a Paradise Island

About Vieques


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Vieques is considered one of the best paradise islands of the Caribbean. It is a true Virgin Island in every sense of the word. Vieques has over 20 white sand beaches that you can visit within minutes from the villa. The island of Vieques is located 7 miles to the South East of the main island of Puerto Rico.

Vieques is selected Best Island of the Caribbean by Travel & Leisure, 2008. Vieques is rated by Caribbean Travel & Life as having “some of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean and the island’s nearly pristine beaches are its biggest attraction”.

Vieques is selected among the Top 10 Caribbean Islands of 2010 by Shermans Travel.

Vieques, Sun Bay Beach is ranked as one of the The Best Island Beaches by Island Magazine.

The New York Times Travel says “…this small island just off the east coast of mainland Puerto Rico has seen a boom in restaurants, galleries and hotels, including a new W Resort … It’s a testament to the island’s natural beauty, with its white-sand beaches, coral reefs and bioluminescent bay.  February 2010

Jauntsetter Magazine says “…the island’s diverse array of beaches: some long and skinny stretches of white sand, perfect for morning walks, others peppered with volcanic rock, housing shallow caves and mini cliffs for hiking and jumping. But the most spectacular sight the island has to offer is its bioluminescent bay; a protected body of water which glows when you swim through it at night…”  April 8th, 2009

Vieques is rated by Caribbean Travel & Life as having” some of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean”. Oct 2000, and “the island’s nearly pristine beaches are its biggest attraction” Dec 2003.

The Columbus Dispatch: “…the island is a true paradise, at least for those seeking solitude, world-class food and accommodations, and sugary-white-sand beaches.” Oct 04

The New York Times: “The tiny Puerto Rican island of Vieques feels more like a border town than an emerging tourist destination.”  Mar 2005


Vieques Useful Facts

CURRENCY  U.S. Dollars.
ELECTRIC  Current is 110 volts AC, same as the United States
LANGUAGE Spanish and English are the official languages in  Vieques and Puerto Rico. Spanish is the preferred language of Viequenses, but many locals speak English as well.
HOLIDAYS In addition to the United States government holidays, another nine local holidays are celebrated.  Most Banks, government offices, and stores will be closed during holidays.
MAYOR OF ISLA DE VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO Hon. Evelyn DelermeAddress: Calle Carlos Lebrun, #449, Vieques, P.R. 00765Telephone:  (787) 741-5000Fax (787) 741-0565
POPULATION About 10,000 people
RESIDENTS are called Viequenses
SIZE Vieques is 21 miles long and 5 miles wide but don’t be fooled by it’s size, it will take you a good week to see and explore all the beauty this gorgeous island naturally possesses.
TEMPERATURE Average of 79-82 F.
TIME AST (Atlantic Standard Time)
TOPOGRAPHY Vieques is made up of hills and valleys. The highest point on the island is Monte (Mount) Pirata which is 987 feet above sea level. The costal areas consist beautiful white beaches, lagoons and mangroves.